The Management Team

Alex Cotto

Chief Operating Officer/Owner


Joining the Air Force in 2006, Alex began his career working on F-16s as a Crew Chief. Cross training into the Remotely Piloted Aircraft enterprise in 2008, he graduated from the USAF Imagery Analyst course and MQ-1 Initial Qualification in 2009. Accumulating over 3000 hours in both MQ-1 and MQ-9 as an Instructor Sensor Operator. Alex has since left the Military to pursue interests in the civilian sector. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer for Flying Tigers, LTD. He continues his aviation passion by enabling day to day operations for the school.

John Williams

Chief Aviation Officer/Owner

After serving more than 20 years in the Air Force. John retired in 2017 to continue his passion in aviation. With over 7,000 hours of flying experience in everything from General Aviation aircraft to the most complex jet aircraft. John serves as Flying  Tigers' Chief Aviation Officer. With experience as both a Military Aviator and Commercial Pilot, John extends his vast experience to helping others find and achieve their goals in aviation. Serving as both an owner and flight instructor. John aims to provide the highest caliber of instruction to our students and friends.

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